Cases of robberies of the civilian population by occupiers have sharply increased in the Kherson oblast 09/27/2023 17:25:20. Total views 256. Views today — 0.

Russian invaders in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson oblast have increased the number of cases of robberies against local residents. This information comes from the Center for National Resistance (CNR).

It is noted that the occupiers are confiscating cars and money under the pretext of fighting underground activities. People are accused of disloyalty and aiding the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after which their homes are robbed.

CNR points out that the low discipline in the russian Armed Forces is the reason for this, leading to a prevalence of alcohol abuse and desertion in the enemy's army.

"As a result of the current situation, the occupational administration even complained to the kremlin, as 'anti-russian sentiments' are already prevalent in the region", - the statement added.

As previously reported, in Crimea, occupiers are transforming civillian hospitals into military hospitals.