Occupied Sevastopol partially lost power after a night drone attack 05/17/2024 10:42:43. Total views 219. Views today — 6.

Occupied Sevastopol has been partially without power following a drone attack during the night. This was acknowledged by the so-called "governor" Mikhail Razvozhayev on his Telegram channel.

Citing the russian Ministry of Defense, Razvozhayev stated that on the night of May 17, "51 UAVs were intercepted and destroyed" over Crimea.

The "governor" thanked the russian military for "successfully repelling the massive enemy attack on Sevastopol", but he also admitted that the drone strikes had consequences. "Specialists are starting to restore the power supply", - he said.

"Specialists are doing everything possible to fully restore the operation of the 'Sevastopol' substation after the night attack, but this will take more time—approximately a day, according to preliminary estimates. While restoration work is ongoing, the city will not be able to receive sufficient energy, leading to localized power outages", - Razvozhayev acknowledged.

He also announced that "due to the current situation", he decided to "cancel classes in all schools, secondary vocational institutions, and kindergartens".

"I ask everyone to understand the situation. Utility workers are making every effort to restore the power system as quickly as possible", - the "governor" assured after the "successful repulsion" of the drone attack.

As reported, Ukrainian drones attacked an oil refinery in the russian city of Tuapse last night. Additionally, in russia's Krasnodar oblast, residents of Novorossiysk counted 35 explosions in the port area following drone strikes.