Russia and China stated that they are in favor of "halting any steps that contribute to the escalation of hostilities" in Ukraine 05/16/2024 14:32:32. Total views 326. Views today — 5.

Russia and China are against prolonging the war in Ukraine. This was announced in a joint statement following the russian-Chinese summit on May 16, as reported by the BBC.

"The parties note the need to halt any steps that contribute to the escalation of hostilities and further conflict escalation, call for preventing its transition to an uncontrolled phase, and emphasize the importance of dialogue as the optimal form of resolving the Ukrainian crisis", - the statement published on the kremlin's website says.

Russia also stated that it welcomes China's participation in the diplomatic resolution of the crisis.

The statement reminds that both in Ukraine and in the United States, it has been stated that China, by presenting itself as a peacemaker, is promoting russia's "false narrative" and does not condemn its aggression.

As previously reported, the kremlin stated that during putin's visit to China, there will be "very intense discussions" on Ukraine.