Russian ammunition is detonating after explosions in the occupied Sorokyne (Krasnodon) (VIDEO) 09/25/2023 14:22:28. Total views 151. Views today — 0.

Powerful explosions rocked Sorokyne (Krasnodon) in the Luhansk oblast on September 25, and there was a detonation at a russian ammunition depot, according to local Telegram channels.

According to eyewitnesses, at least two explosions were heard. Locals report that there was an impact on the Yunost plant, which the russians use as an ammunition storage facility.

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After the hits, a no less powerful detonation occurs, and thick smoke rises rapidly into the sky for tens of meters.

It was also previously reported that in Melitopol, after the strikes on the occupiers' base, the commander of the 58th russian army was wounded, and dozens of officers were eliminated.