In russian Kursk, explosion occurred in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (VIDEO) 09/25/2023 14:20:05. Total views 156. Views today — 0.

An explosion occurred in the russian city of Kursk on the morning of September 25th as a result of a drone attack. Several russian Telegram channels reported this incident.

According to their information, the attack targeted a building belonging to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs. Eyewitnesses reported seeing black smoke rising over one of the districts in Kursk.

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Subsequently, sources in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense informed several Ukrainian media outlets that a drone had directly hit the MIA building.

Roman Starovoyt, the Governor of Kursk oblast, acknowledged the attack but stated that it had damaged an "administrative building and several houses". According to him, one drone attacked Kursk, and another one crashed in Kursk district. At the same time, two more drones were allegedly shot down in the Bryansk oblast of russia.

As reported earlier, on September 24th, drones attacked the FSB building and an oil refinery in Kursk.