Putin wants Ukraine to repeal the "decree" banning negotiations with russia: "And then we'll see" 09/12/2023 13:35:46. Total views 105. Views today — 0.

Russia has no intention of ceasing aggression against Ukraine. Russian president vladimir putin stated this during a speech at the Eastern Economic Forum.

He justified this by pointing out that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are currently conducting a counteroffensive. "How can we stop the fighting when the other side is launching a counteroffensive? They will counterattack, and we'll say, 'We're stopping'?", - he stated.

"They (the Ukrainian authorities) should first repeal the decree that prohibits negotiations. They should declare that they want to, they're ready, and then we'll see", - putin clarified his position.

As previously reported, the russian side interprets negotiations as Ukraine's total capitulation, including giving up the territories occupied by russia.