"Ukrainian soldiers are dying." The United States do not demand elections in Donbass occupied by militants – Ambassador 07/08/2016 20:07:10. Total views 811. Views today — 0.

US will not demand from the Ukrainian authorities to conduct elections on the territory of separate districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (SDLDR) to complete ceasefire. It was stated by US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette in an interview published in Novoye Vremya magazine on Friday, - said Intefax-Ukraine.

"The best that Ukraine can do now is to carry out its part of the Minsk Agreements, indicating that it is not the hindrance of their fulfillment. Nobody in Washington will demand Ukraine to hold elections on the occupied territories if Ukrainian soldiers are dying on the demarcation line. It's very a clear signal: at first - a complete cease-fire, only then - the elections," - said J. Payette.