Turkey wants to invite "DNR/LNR" representatives to talks on Donbas - Russian media 01/21/2022 15:29:38. Total views 814. Views today — 0.

In addition to Russia and Ukraine, Turkey wants to invite representatives of CADLO to the talks on the Donbas. RIA Novosti writes this, citing a source in the Turkish MFA.

Negotiations on the Minsk agreements will be held in Istanbul. The same players will take part in them as before: Russia, Ukraine, representatives from the Donbas and the OSCE. The date of the talks has not yet been determined. Meetings within the framework of the negotiation process will be frequent and regular", - the Russian media quoted the unnamed interlocutor as saying.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov spoke in support of the initiative, which was not officially announced.

"We hear statements coming from Ankara. We can welcome any efforts to resolve the situation in Ukraine. We also heard statements that our Turkish colleagues are ready to invite representatives of the Donbas. This is a very important element, and we paid attention to it. It would be interesting to find out in that context whether Ukrainian opponents paid attention to this and how they feel about it", - he said, commenting on this information to Russian journalists.