Klimkin will raise the issue of occupied Crimea at the meeting of foreign ministers of "Norman Quartet" 02/05/2016 19:22:32. Total views 1338. Views today — 0.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin is going to raise the issue of de-occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea at the meeting of the foreign ministers of "Norman Quartet" on February 13th. Klimkin told journalists about it, - reports UNIAN.

He announced the creation of the negotation mechanism in the Geneva Plus format for the resumption of Ukrainian sovereignty in Crimea.

The Minister recalled that the Ukrainian side is now "trying to create on a variety of international arenas ..., in our negotiations some elements that allow us to create a platform for the discussion of Crimean problems".

"We exert pressure. Of course, Russia says that it is not a subject of discussion. By the way, I will raise this issue during our "Norman meeting", it will take place in Munich or it will not take place in Munich ... And we will consistently exert pressure together with our partners. We gradually gain international support", - said Klimkin.

"At first, we need to start those discussions. We have questions that relate to humanitarian, environmental, economic, navigation area and safety, and, finally, the status of temporarily occupied Crimea. It is a matter of further discussion if we can start discussion with Russia on all the issues at the same time," - stressed the Minister.

Klimkin expressed hope that Russia understood that Crimea under would have no future in the occupation.

"We have so many issues, and I hope that Russia understands that these issues are not solved. And as a result, Crimea occupied by Russia is going nowhere today," – said Klimkin.

In his opinion, people who are in the Crimea, as well as representatives of the international community understand that.

"The sanctions against the Crimea are a separate issue The sanctions against Crimea will continue, as well as the policy of non-recognition of temporary occupation. And this understanding, I hope, from the Russian side that Crimea goes nowhere, it has to make Russia take part in the negotiations. The form of negotiations is another question", - stressed the Minister.