The "DRR" official "reassured" nonpayers for housing utilities: If they take away the apartment, then only via the courts 12/01/2015 17:55:08. Total views 995. Views today — 0.

The so-called "head of housing services of Donetsk city administration" Gennady Podolsky did not exclude dispossession of nonpayers for housing utilities, but only via the courts. He commented so on handed out leaflets to residents of Donetsk demanding "urgently to submit apartment documents" to the utilities of DPR – reported the “DPR” official website.

"According to the laws of our Republic the right to property is inviolable, so there can be no question of apartment deprivation. It is only the need of responsible attitude to your property, which can only be deprived by the court" - said the "official".

In addition, Podolsky complained about the debt of "DPR"  residents for utility services.

"We have debts of 15 - 17 thousand rubles, and the most conscientious payers are pensioners and people with incomes often do not pay ", - said he.

As reported by OstroV, residents started to receive leaflets containing an ultimatum demand "urgently to submit the apartment documents". Otherwise, the utility companies are threatening to appeal to the DPR" competent authorities" to recognize property as "abandoned".

Fake "Ministry of Justice Of DPR" warned residents about   compulsory "state" registration of legal entities and individuals on real estate, which is located on the occupied territory at the beginning of November.