EU Council finally approved 14th sanctions package against russia 06/24/2024 14:02:03. Total views 134. Views today — 0.

The EU Council has given final approval to the 14th package of sanctions against russia, introduced in response to its invasion of Ukraine and ongoing aggression. This was announced in a press release published on the morning of June 24, according to the Telegram channel of Radio Liberty.

It is noted that the official new sanctions measures and lists will be published soon.

"The EU has imposed restrictions on 116 individuals and legal entities. One of the main points of the new package concerns russian liquefied natural gas (LNG): restrictions are imposed on its transit through European ports. Russian LNG intended for third countries can no longer be re-exported through EU ports. However, the ban on LNG supplies from russia to EU countries has not been introduced. Sanctions are also imposed on 27 tankers of the so-called russian shadow fleet and vessels used for transporting weapons or Ukrainian grain", - the statement reads.

Earlier it was reported that singer Polina Gagarina, businessmen Igor Altushkin, Roman Trotsenko, and Taymuraz Bolloev would be included in the sanctions list. Sixty-one individuals or companies are included in the sanctions list due to their direct support of the russian military-industrial complex, including companies from third countries such as China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and the UAE.

Additional measures to combat sanctions evasion are also being introduced. Supplies of dual-use goods to third countries will be more strictly controlled. EU companies will be required to ensure that their subsidiaries in third countries do not engage in any activities that could be used to circumvent sanctions.

Sanctions will be imposed against the System for Transfer of Financial Messages of the Bank of russia, russia's counterpart to SWIFT for financial transactions with third countries.

Political parties, media, and NGOs operating in the EU will be prohibited from receiving financial funds from the russian state or related organizations.

EU airlines will be banned from contracting with russian citizens or organizations for charter and private flights worldwide.