Eight russian officers killed, six others wounded due to the strike on a building in Donetsk – social media 11/08/2023 09:47:09. Total views 368. Views today — 0.

As a result of the strike on a building in Donetsk on November 7, eight russian officers were killed, with six others wounded, two in critical condition. This was reported by the russian Telegram channel "Kremlin Tabakerka".

"Altogether, 14 people died, including simple soldiers who were in the building. Among the casualties and the wounded are several UAV operators who were invited to participate in a meeting. By some miracle, employees from one of the city's restaurants, who were preparing a buffet for the officers after the meeting, survived", - the message states.

"Among the deceased are two officers who specifically traveled from the headquarters in Rostov-on-Don to Donetsk. All sources declined to reveal their names. There were also losses of drones, although the exact number of losses is unknown. However, one of the informants stated that the losses could be substantial", - the report specifies.

"The strike most likely occurred based on a tip-off (unfortunately, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred in Donetsk). Currently, the FSB and other security agencies are investigating who might have provided the enemy with information about the meeting", - the Telegram channel concludes.

As previously reported, heavy shelling of the Donetsk city center led to the destruction of the historical building of the former "Velykobrytania" hotel.