Rashists shelled Ukrainsk in Donetsk oblast with Uragan MRLS and killed a woman (PHOTO) 03/17/2023 17:35:04. Total views 456. Views today — 0.

On March 17, representatives of the Selydove city council reported that the russian occupiers shelled the town of Ukrainsk in the Donetsk oblast, killing a woman.

"On March 17, 2023, the town of Ukrainsk in the Selydove municipality was once again subjected to enemy shelling. Russian inhumans once again showed their true face of the "russian world" by shelling peaceful residents with the Uragan MLRS", - the city council representatives said.

Unfortunately, a woman (born in 1980) received fatal wounds. She passed away in the hospital. Several multi-story residential buildings in the city were also damaged.

Earlier it was reported that rashists hit a residential building in Avdiivka with a Kh-59 missile.