Another musician and "dreamer" mobilized into "DNR" occupation army died near Mariupol 04/28/2022 16:57:15. Total views 259. Views today — 0.

Trombone player Pavlo Makhno, an artist of the pop-symphony orchestra of the Donbass Honored State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble, mobilized into the ranks of the occupation troops, died in a battle near Mariupol. This is reported in an obituary published by his colleagues who have been working in occupied Donetsk since 2014.

As follows from the obituary, Pavlo Makhno was 35 years old. "He was an excellent musician and a thoughtful dreamer, who did not have time to do very much in his life", - it says. He joined the musical group that worked in the occupation in 2015.

It was earlier reported about the death of musician of the Donbass song and dance ensemble 42-year-old Alexander Bobrovsky. He also ended up in the occupation forces as a result of the mass forcible mobilization carried out by the occupiers on the territory of CADLO.