He was talented musician. Performer of Donbas orchestra in the "DNR" mobilized and sent to death 04/22/2022 11:46:04. Total views 302. Views today — 0.

Musician of the Donbas orchestra Alexander Bobrovsky, mobilized into the ranks of the occupation troops, died near Mariupol. This is said in the obituary published on the page of the Donbas Honored State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble in Telegram.

"Over the long years of work, hundreds of concerts and dozens of tours, he proved himself both as a talented musician and as a wonderful friend - infinitely kind, reliable, intelligent, optimistic and always ready to help", - the colleages pine after the deceased 42-year-old musician.

As reported earlier, information appeared that a well-known jazz performer and musician of the Donetsk Philharmonic Nikolai Zvyagintsev died during the storming of Mariupol.