There are already over 18 thousand cases of COVID-19 in CADO against the background of abnormal mortality 01/19/2021 16:02:30. Total views 669. Views today — 1.

18 149 cases of the disease were confirmed in CADO on January 18, 1604 people died. This is reported by the so-called "DNR" Ministry of Health.

Thus, the mortality rate is 8.84%, which is several times higher than that in the free territory of the Donetsk oblast (1.84%).

The occupiers diagnosed 244 new cases of coronavirus infection over the past day, January 18.

In addition, 20 deaths have been reported.

Furthermore, 86 cases of pneumonia were detected over the day, which CADO refuses to associate with coronavirus infection, which is 33 cases more than over the past day. Of these, 67 patients were hospitalized.

The "DNR" occupiers report that a total of 1777 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 687 are on oxygen support (+17 over the day).