Leader of "DNR" Pushilin and his "Foreign Minister" register in Leningrad oblast 06/02/2020 13:08:26. Total views 722. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin and the so-called "Foreign Minister" Natalia Nikonorova have received registration "at the place of stay" in the Leningrad oblast at one common address. This is evidenced by photocopies of documents posted on the rosinform.press website.

According to the documents, the "DNR" leader provided himself with a place of residence in Russia at the address: Leningrad oblast, Vyborgsky district, Pervomaiskoye village, 13-A Sovetskaya St., apt. 63.

Mercedes, owned by the so-called "Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DNR" Natalia Nikonorova is registered at the same address. Interestingly, the car changed its owner two days after the address certificate in the name of Pushilin was written out. This can serve as an indirect confirmation that Pushilin and Nikonorova registered in the Leningrad oblast at the end of December 2019 together. The media believes that in this way, the "DNR" leaders, who position themselves as patriots of the Donbass, prepare a reserve airfield for themselves a fall-back position - "a nest near the Finnish border".

As OstroV reported, Russian mercenary Alexander Zhuchkovsky, who fought in the Donbass, made an observation that leaders of the "DNR" occupation administration do not associate their fate with living in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast and are leaving for Russia having lost their posts.

"The main problem of the system is that local politicians and their families do not associate their future with the "republic". The point is not in the war, but in the fact that the political, and sometimes even physical survival for these people is due to being in the system only. Leaving the system automatically means leaving the "republic". Any prominent functionaries immediately left the "republic" as soon as they lost power and resources", - Zhuchkovsky acknowledges.