Pushilin to "give leg-bail" to Russia like all "DNR" leaders - Russian mercenary 06/01/2020 12:53:06. Total views 741. Views today — 1.

Leaders of the "DNR" occupation administration do not associate their fate with living in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast. Such an observation was made by Russian mercenary Alexander Zhuchkovsky, who fought in the Donbass.

He recalled that all the so-called leaders of the "free Donbass", having lost their posts, are leaving for Russia.

"The main problem of the system is that local politicians and their families do not associate their future with the "republic". The point is not in the war, but in the fact that the political, and sometimes even physical survival for these people is due to being in the system only. Leaving the system automatically means leaving the "republic". Any prominent functionaries immediately left the "republic" as soon as they lost power and resources. Families of the deceased politicians and military leaders leave the "DNR" in the same way", - Zhuchkovsky acknowledges.

Under a normal system, retiring politicians would continue to occupy honorable places and good positions in society, and families of dead heroes would be taken care by the authorities and would have material well-being. In fact, almost any major figure, leaving his post, takes away his legs… I have no doubt that when Pushilin ceases to be the "DNR" head, he will leave for the Russian Federation, just like Timofeev, Trapeznikov, Yatsenko and many others", - he continues.

"Until politicians and businessmen want to live their whole lives and raise their children in the "DNR", talking about some kind of development and improving life in the "republic" is stupid. What can we say if families of even iconic heroes flee from here and nobody is interested in how their future life develops", - the Russian mercenary admits the artificiality and inviability of the Donbass "republics".