Enhanced interrogation: occupation authorities of "DNR" begin "census" 10/01/2019 13:15:07. Total views 778. Views today — 0.

The occupation authorities of the "DNR" have begun the so-called "census".

The data collection will be carried out everywhere by apartment bypass from October 1 to 14. In addition to apartment bypass, stationary points are provided for those who do not live at the place of registration.

As OstroV reported, the "census form" contains 25 questions, which are grouped in the following sections: gender; date of birth; place of birth; marital status; citizenship; nationality; education and training; language proficiency; livelihood sources; employment and unemployment; migration; for women - the number of children born and the date of birth of the first child.

In the course of the census, the occupation authorities of the "DNR" intend to identify who of the residents of the occupied part of Donetsk oblast work beyond the "border of the republic". The census taker will ask how far the interviewee's work is. If a person does not work in the locality of his residence, he must indicate the location of his work, including the "foreign state".

In addition, during the census, the occupants will try to identify the estimated number of internally displaced persons who have returned to the uncontrolled territories. For this, the questionnaire included the question: "Where did you live in October 2018?".

Moreover, the "DNR" authorities intend to find out the sources of subsistence of those living in the occupied territory. It is indicated that "all sources must be indicated, but one that you consider to be the main should also be noted". At the same time, citizens will be asked about the availability of work a week before the census, in particular, from September 24 to 30, 2019.