Tuka is for a police special-forces raid following after the Russian Federation leaves Donbass 02/11/2016 15:10:49. Total views 1233. Views today — 0.

Chairman of the Luhansk Regional Military and Civilian Administration Georgiy Tuka is for special-forces raid to eliminate the most active militants and their leaders in case of withdrawal of Russia’s support of terrorist organizations "the DPR/LPR", which were established under the leadership of the Russian special security services. Tuka told it in an interview toLІGA.net.

"A very powerful police special-forces raid is needed, involving not only military or police, but first and foremost, the security services. Their task is to neutralize the leaders and active participants as quickly as possible," - said Tuka.

At the same time, he opposes to return the occupied territory of Ukraine by force.

"The only possible change (Minsk, - Ed.) is format, but eventually we will get peace and return the lost territories of Donetsk and Luhansk exclusively due to diplomatic and sanction measures. Not military. I oppose military actions. It will demand huge financial costs from Ukraine and will lead to... another unjustified casualties on both sides,"- he said.

Despite the fact that "the level of hatred is very high", 65-70% pro-Ukrainian population live on the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region, as Tuka estimates.