"LNR" claims that it was not its militant who attacked OSCE SMM patrol, but some armed "guerilla fighter" 12/28/2018 15:01:42. Total views 1028. Views today — 2.

The "LNR" propagandists claim that it was not their intoxicated militant who attacked the SMM patrol on December 24. This is said in the report of really non-existent "representative office of the "LNR" in the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination on ceasefire".

The terrorists were forced to admit the fact that a certain man had entered into "a quarrel with representatives of the mission patrol… Continuing the illegal actions, he approached the mission's car, damaged a flag with the OSCE SMM's symbols and pulled the rear windshield wiper".

At the same time, saving the honor of the regiment, the militant leadership claims that the intoxicated rowdy is not their serviceman. The report says that "after conducting the preliminary check, the involvement of military servicemen of the people's militia of the "LNR" (illegal armed formations – OstroV) was not established in the aforementioned incident".

This statement is deceitful, as the OSCE Mission's report clearly states that "the SMM saw that a car stopped nearby and that five armed men in camouflage clothing emerge from the car. Shortly thereafter, one of the men, who was visibly intoxicated, approached an SMM vehicle and pulled the rear windshield wiper and the OSCE flag off the vehicle. He then walked away while verbally insulting nearby SMM patrol members".

However, if the terrorists' attempt to prove that their "people's policeman" was not involved in this attack on the SMM is to be taken at face value, the "LNR" authorities should recognize that the unknown armed people in military uniform are moving freely by car in groups of 5 people in the territory under their control.