Intoxicated militant pulls flag off OSCE SMM's car near occupied Luhansk 12/28/2018 11:56:12. Total views 1137. Views today — 0.

An intoxicated militant pulled the flag off the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission's car near occupied Luhansk. This is stated in the report of the OSCE SMM.

It is noted that the incident occurred on 24 December while the observers monitored the security situation in the occupied settlement of Khoroshe, 36km west of Luhansk.

"The SMM saw that a car stopped nearby and that five armed men in camouflage clothing emerge from the car. Shortly thereafter, one of the men, who was visibly intoxicated, approached an SMM vehicle and pulled the rear windshield wiper and the OSCE flag off the vehicle. He then walked away while verbally insulting nearby SMM patrol members", - the report said.

Thereafter, the SMM left the area.