"DNR" spreads panic and frightens residents of Mariupol with chemical explosion at cannery 12/13/2018 15:58:58. Total views 1083. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" persistently spread panic rumors about the explosion of chemicals allegedly being prepared in Mariupol. This is evidenced by the next statement of Daniil Bezsonov, who calls himself head of the press service of the "people's militia department" (self-name of the illegal armed formation of the "DNR").

Referring to information allegedly received "from residents of Mariupol", representative of the militants reports that "a large number of big tanks with a chemical toxic agent, presumably ammonia, are concentrated on the territory of cannery on Torgovaya Street in the city center".

The unnamed "witnesses" claim that the tanks were brought by the military from the territory of Mariupol Metallurgical Plant named after Ilyich. Bezsonov states (unfounded as always) that these tanks can be blown up by the Ukrainian security forces and this will be used as a pretext for the offensive of the Joint Operation at the positions of the terrorists "DNR".

As previously reported, the first stovepiping of false information about the alleged attack by Ukraine against the background of a chemical explosion in Mariupol on December 10 was made by Eduard Basurin, who calls himself "representative of the operational command of the people's militia". His unfounded statements referring to the data of the mythical "DNR intelligence" were picked up by the "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin, Russian media and politicians.

According to the militants, the alleged breakthrough of the Joint Forces Operation's units is scheduled for December 14. It means that already tomorrow, on December 15, the occupation authorities will have to explain why the offensive announced by the "intelligence" did not take place.

Earlier, Basurin and Co. had repeatedly made loud statements about the alleged offensive of the AFU. In particular, referring to the "credible intelligence data of the people's militia", it was stated that Ukraine would launch a large-scale offensive on September 14. After the offensive predictably did not start, Eduard Basurin boasted that he had opened and upset the plans of the JFO command by his statement.

It seems the same card will be played this time – "the hope is expressed" in the latest statement of Bezsonov that "the publication of this situation will stop the upcoming provocation at the plant". He also called for "international organizations to prevent a terrorist act".

However, another scenario is possible. Thus, the new report of the Institute for the Study of War says that the Kremlin spreads fake narratives through its puppets in the "DNR" that Ukraine and the West are preparing an offensive. The chemical explosion preceding it, which will be carried out by the Russian occupiers, but which will be blamed for Ukraine, will serve as an excuse for open military engagement of the Russian armed forces and further offensive by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. "Russia can prepare for the fabrication or actual use of chemical weapons in Ukraine in order to create a false pretext for escalation against Ukraine", - the analysts believe.