"DNR" announces a terrorist attack at Mariupol Metallurgical Plant and threatens with attack of JFO troops 12/10/2018 15:39:20. Total views 1333. Views today — 0.

The occupation authorities of the "DNR" have stated that the Ukrainian command was preparing a large-scale offensive in the Azov Sea region with the aim of reaching the border with Russia, now controlled by the militants. This is said in the "extraordinary" statement of calling himself "representative of the operational command of the people's militia" (self-name of the illegal armed formation of the DNR – OstroV) Eduard Basurin.

According to him, the terrorist attack in one of the chemical shops of the Mariupol Metallurgical Plant, organized by the SBU, will be the pretext for the offensive. Moreover, despite the possibility of admitting the SBU to the metallurgical plant, the militants stated that an unmanned aerial vehicle would be used.

After that, on December 14, the JFO units will allegedly launch an offensive to reach the border with the Russian Federation in the area of Novoazovsk by December 15.

The loud statements of the militant are "confirmed" exclusively by data from the "intelligence of the people's militia", which has already been noted many times in the generation of untruthful and provocative information. They are full of political appeals and insinuations.

Earlier, Basurin and Co. had repeatedly made loud statements about the alleged offensive of the AFU. In particular, referring to the "credible intelligence data of the people's militia", it was stated that Ukraine would launch a large-scale offensive on September 14. According to OstroV, because of this, many pensioners living in the occupied territory had postponed their trips beyond the contact line for identification in the social security department and Oschadbank. After the offensive predictably did not start, Eduard Basurin boasted that he had opened and upset the plans of the JFO command by his statement. Also, just a month ago, the occupants unreasonably "warned" about subversive activity at the Stirol Horlivka Chemical Plant.

Metallurgical plants in Mariupol belong to Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and are city-forming enterprises, the diversion of which will entail huge losses both for Akhmetov and for the city budget.