Fake "Minister of the Internal Affairs of the LNR" was solemnly evicted from the seized house in Luhansk 11/10/2017 11:47:01. Total views 837. Views today — 0.

Fake "Minister of the Internal Affairs" of the "LNR" Igor Cornet was demonstratively and with pathos evicted from the house in occupied Luhansk, seized by him. The corresponding feature was made by one of the separatist channels.

It was earlier reported that in the summer of 2014, the legal owner of the house left Luhansk, and when she returned, she found out that the housing was already seized. Cornet was living in a seized house on 8 Young Guard Street, not allowing its owners to their own residence for three years. In late October, this situation was made public for some reason.

Eviction of the fake "minister" was with cameras in the presence of the "LNR" leader Igor Plotnitsky. "The mistress, the "prosecutor's office", the "people's council", the "ministry of state security" – all arrived at a decision that it is time to observe the law. Leave the house", - Plotnitsky said. "No problem", - Cornet replied cheerfully.

According to Realnaya Gazeta, the house officially belongs to the mother-in-law of ex-deputy and former president of FC Zorya Valeriy Bukayev.

Today, the fake "Ministry of State Security" of the "DNR" announced the allegedly preparing neutralization of leaders of the "Ministry of Internal Affairs", the "Ministry of State Security" and the "Prosecutor General's Office" of the "LNR".