Fake "Minister of the Internal Affairs of the LNR" seized someone else's home in Luhansk and refuses to give it back 10/23/2017 18:08:00. Total views 868. Views today — 0.

Fake "Minister of the Internal Affairs of the LNR" Igor Cornet seized a house in occupied Luhansk and does not let the legal owner in. The so-called "deputy" Vladimir Sankin said this at a meeting of the "People's Council" on October 21.

"Many residents of Luhansk were forced to leave their homes in the summer of 2014. After returning back, some owners faced a problem that their dwelling was occupied by unknown persons. So, a resident of Luhansk, Nina Kvirtsova, found out that the Minister of the Internal Affairs lives in her house", - Sankin said.

According to him, the woman repeatedly tried to get to her territory, but Cornet did not allow her to do this.

Sankin noted that the woman had repeatedly applied to the prosecutor’s office of the “LNR”, but it “covered up this fact".

For now, the woman does not have access to her own housing, despite the availability of all documents.

"I'll give you a full answer in writing", - Cornet said in response.

This issue did not cause any reaction from the leader of the "LNR" Igor Plotnitsky, who was present in the hall.