The "DNR" militants are conducting a "clean-up operation" in the occupied village in the Donbass 10/09/2017 18:00:32. Total views 785. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" militants in the occupied village of Boykivske (formerly Telmanove in the Donetsk oblast) conduct a census of residents, check the stores and organizations, completely block the settlement for enter and exit. Eyewitnesses write this in social networks.

It is noted that the occupants closed the specified settlement in order to check the population and organizations, as well as information on the employment of local residents. The purpose of the check is unknown.

"Our village is closed, they conduct a census of the population and check the shops for quality certificates, as well as the organizations", - one of the users wrote.

It is specified that militants go around the yards, check passports, telephones and personal vehicles. According to rumors circulating among the inhabitants of the village, the security forces of the "DNR" are looking for "Ukrainian saboteurs".

"They are looking for secret subversive groups!!! I do not recommend going to Telmanove!!!", - the Donetsk residents warn each other.

As previously reported, this morning, the checkpoint in occupied Boykivske was almost completely blocked.