Militants cordoned off one of the roads from the "DNR": they hunt Ukrainian subversive reconnaissance unit – social networks 10/09/2017 11:45:10. Total views 756. Views today — 0.

A checkpoint in occupied Boykivske (former Telmanove) is almost completely cordoned off by the militants. This is written by eyewitnesses in a kind of roll call in social networks.

"For all those who want to go to Hnutove! Telmanove is cordoned off!!!!!!!!! There is almost no traffic! An hour in line, a turn and a trip back to Olenivka! They look for subversive reconnaissance unit!!!!!! I do not recommend going to Telmanove!!!!!!!", - those who faced this situation write.

"There is a huge line in Telmanove, the militants organized another torture - they write on a sheet of paper all those wishing to pass. We took a detour", - another eyewitness confirms this information.