Crimea and Donbass becomes increasingly burdensome for Putin, the corridor of opportunities is narrowing – expert 09/07/2016 13:10:37. Total views 669. Views today — 0.

Annexed Crimea and occupied part of Donbass becomes "unfeasible" for the Russian Federation because Russia has to settle with Western sanctions that limit the capacity of the country. It was told by Russian political expert Dmitry Oreshkin, - informs Krym.Realii.

The expert noted that the Russian leadership’s possibilities become more and more limited day by day. In particular, annexed Crimea and Donbass become unfeasible for Russia.

"Corridor of opportunities is narrowing day by day for Putin. The country must be fed, as well as Crimea. They need to leave Donbass, it is too expensive to maintain it. To start a war is also impossible because that is everyone is ready for it, everyone is waiting for it and much more rigid and harsh penalties will follow. At the same time, you need to keep the victorious expression on the face," - said Oreshkin.

As reported wound, Putin once again confirmed that the Russian army was present in the Crimea before the "referendum" on the annexation of the peninsula, but it did not mean that the voting was held at gunpoint.