Residents of occupied Donetsk were tricked by primitive provocation on renaming the city into Stepano-Bandersk (Video) 07/11/2016 22:48:28. Total views 747. Views today — 0.

Propagandists of the "DPR" began to intimidate residents of the occupied cities of Donetsk region with renaming Donetsk allegedly in Stepano-Bandersk.

The ideology of the "DPR" was based on the petition posted on the website of President Petro Poroshenko in which Alexander Kharichkov asks the head of state to rename temporarily occupied Donetsk into Stepano-Bandersk. Separatists UNION channel decided to ask Donetsk residents to express their opinion about the possible change of the name of the regional center. All respondents perceived a provocative survey as a truth.

The petition appeared on the website of the President on July 8th and as of July 11th there were 39 signatures out of the needed 25 thousand.

The principle of free submission of a petition has side effect. It is the possibility of submitting provocative proposals on the website of the President of Ukraine that the Russian and separatist propaganda use to create scandalous information occasions. In addition, according to the SSU information, there is a mechanism of artificial "giving" votes for "the right" petition, created by the Russian special services for destabilization of the social and political situation in the country.

Meanwhile, information about upcoming renaming of Donetsk has no grounds because renaming of settlements and other proper names concerns only those that are connected to the communist regime. Donetsk does not contain any communist ideology and is not the subject to decommunisation.

However, there a video of provocative petition of Alexander Kharichkov titled with false statement that "Poroshenko wants to rename Donetsk into Stepano-Bandersk" to discredit the Ukrainian authorities. Of course, the reaction of the people to false initiative was negative.

Author of the petition A.Kharichkov looked for a position of the "storekeeper" on the job website. During the Revolution of Dignity he actively positioned himself as an opponent of unified Ukraine and the Kiev authorities. The identity of the author of the petition acknowledges its provocative character once more.