Russians сonducted over 2200 shellings in the Donetsk oblast in one day: 1 killed, 7 civilian objects damaged (PHOTO) 06/13/2024 14:03:30. Total views 281. Views today — 0.

Russians carried out 2,236 shellings in the Donetsk oblast in one day, resulting in one fatality and damage to seven civilian objects. This was reported by the regional police on June 13.

"Shelling incidents were recorded in five settlements: the city of Lyman, the villages of Ostre, Hannivka, Novoselydivka, and Uspenivka. Seven civilian objects were damaged, including four residential houses, a farm, an educational institution, and a garage. The occupiers targeted Ostre with artillery, killing a civilian and damaging homes and infrastructure. Russia dropped three UMPB D-30 aerial bombs on Lyman, damaging three private houses", - the report said.

Additionally, information was received about the death of a civilian in Siversk, who was hit by enemy shelling on June 11.