Martial law: starting Friday, documents will be checked for everyone residing in the Zakarpattia oblast 12/01/2023 11:02:39. Total views 390. Views today — 0.

The Defense Council of the Zakarpattia oblast has decided to implement document checks for individuals within the region. This was announced in a statement from the Zakarpattia Oblast Military Administration.

The changes will be effective from December 1, 2023, until the conclusion of martial law in Ukraine.

By a joint order of the head of the OMA and the chief of the Oblast Territorial Defense Command and Staff, commandants for districts and cities in the Zakarpattia oblast have been appointed. They will designate authorized personnel to conduct document checks.

These measures are being carried out in accordance with the procedure for checking documents of individuals, inspecting belongings, vehicles, luggage, goods, service premises, and citizens' residences to ensure the legal regime of martial law.