Russians have begun recruiting women into the PMC assault battalions for the war against Ukraine 11/28/2023 16:29:49. Total views 185. Views today — 1.

The russian battalion "Espanola", organized by football fans, is recruiting women into assault units to participate in the war against Ukraine, according to the Telegram channel Vazhnye Istorii on November 28.

"Espanola" is part of the private military company "Redut" which is under the control of the Ministry of Defense.

"Girls in 'Espanola' are given the opportunity to realize themselves not only in sniper activities. Girls in our brigade work in assault units, medicine, communications, as well as in units for electronic warfare, radio-electronic reconnaissance, and UAVs", - the publication states.

"The first contract is for 6 months, including 1–2 months of training and team-building. During this time, it's 110,000–120,000 rubles. Then, in the combat zone, this amount is multiplied by 2", - said the administrator of the Telegram channel "Espanola" to a russian journalist who presented herself as a PMC candidate.

It is noted that russian women have been recruited for the positions of snipers and drone operators for a long time. They are hired by the same "Espanola" and by "Redut's" "Borz".