Black-hundredist "Russian Community Mariupol" has announced its "official opening" 11/28/2023 10:03:20. Total views 171. Views today — 0.

The opening of the so-called "Russian Community Mariupol" is scheduled for Wednesday, November 29, as stated in the organization's Telegram channel.

All those "who care about the fate of the russian people in the city of Mariupol" are invited to attend the opening.

The "Russian Community" positions itself as an all-russian organization of a black-hundred nature. According to statements from its ideologists, it is created with the goal of "reviving the true spirit of the russian people, russian tradition, culture, and faith", "uniting russian people for all kinds of mutual assistance", "promoting russians in government and law enforcement" and "protecting the weak from the aggression of criminals".

As previously reported, even before the official opening, the "Russian Community Mariupol" announced the recruitment of a paramilitary unit within the organization— "Russian squads" that will defend the "russian people" from "outsiders".