"putin's" "elections" may be "postponed" in the occupied territories 11/14/2023 17:16:26. Total views 151. Views today — 0.

Russian president, the dictator putin, has signed a law specifying the procedure for conducting "elections", according to which the "popular expression of will" in the occupied territories may be "postponed" due to the "security situation". Russian media reported this on November 14.

"According to the law, 'if martial law is introduced in part of the territory of the Russian Federation, the elections for the President of the Russian Federation in such part of the territory may be held in accordance with Article 10.1 of the law 'On the Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights and the Right to Participate in a Referendum of the Citizens of the Russian Federation'", - the statement notes.

This stipulates that "in the event that the preparation and conduct of elections, a referendum in the territory of the subject of the Russian Federation after their appointment may pose a threat to the life and health of the citizens of the Russian Federation, elections, a referendum are postponed by the decision of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation".

As reported earlier, the kremlin has already announced the results of the "elections" for the president of the russian federation, which are scheduled to take place next year.