The "LNR" admitted that 29 children were illegally taken to russia from the Luhansk oblast for "adoption" 11/10/2023 10:07:14. Total views 279. Views today — 0.

Twenty-nine children have been taken from the occupied territory of the Luhansk oblast to be adopted in various regions of russia. This information comes from a statement by the self-proclaimed "ombudsman for children's rights in the LNR", Inna Shvenk.

"Families from other regions of Russia have adopted 29 young residents of the LNR since the beginning of 2023", - she told local journalists.

According to Shvenk, the opportunity to deport children arose after the so-called "integration of the LNR into the russian federation". She reminded that the permission for this crime was personally granted by the president of the aggressor country, vladimir putin, and was supported by the ombudsman for children's rights, Maria Lvova-Belova. The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for putin and Lvova-Belova for the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children to russia.

It was reported earlier that a 17-year-old Bohdan Yermokhin, who was taken to russia, addressed President Zelensky, urging him to help him return home to Ukraine.