"War correspondent" Guzenko suspects that the "LNR deputy" was eliminated by his own 11/08/2023 14:05:19. Total views 243. Views today — 0.

The former head of the "LNR’s People's Militia" Mikhail Filiponenko might have been eliminated by his own colleagues. This version was voiced by the "war correspondent" Yegor Guzenko ("Thirteenth") on his Telegram channel.

"I won't be choose kind words; you speak of the dead either good or don’t speak of them at all. In his case, I will not speaok of Filiponenko. And as for who specifically blew him up, I'd argue. Many in the LNR wished for his death. He's earned himself a personal seat in hell", - he wrote.

"Filiponenko lived it up during his lifetime, deadly traffic accidents (for which his handlers covered for him), embezzlement of the budget of the LNR’s People's Militia. And many other interesting things", - he explained his negative attitude towards the eliminated traitor.

As reported, the former head of the "People's Militia of the LNR", now "deputy of the People's Council of the LNR" Mikhail Filiponenko, whose car was blown up on November 8 in occupied Luhansk, died from the injuries sustained.