The kremlin counts on nearly 4 million votes from the occupied Donbas in the russian presidential elections: the number is plucked out of thin air 11/08/2023 13:26:03. Total views 251. Views today — 0.

According to reports in the russian media, a member of the Central Election Commission of the russian federation, Konstantin Mazurevsky, revealed that the kremlin is expecting to secure 3.8 million votes from the occupied Donbas.

To estimate the number of ballots, the Central Election Commission used "data from the initial lines of protocols of the elections held in these regions in September".

"As a result, it turned out that the Donetsk People's Republic foresees the production of 2,013,800 ballots, while the Luhansk People's Republic will have 1,683,700 ballots".

As previously reported, in September 2023, the occupying authorities of the Russian Federation simulated holding "elections" for local authorities in the annexed territories of Ukraine. These elections were conducted without a voter registry and were not recognized by the international community.