Russia recognized Akhmetov and Kolesnikov as extremists. Court nationalized the Konti-Rus confectionery factory in Kursk 11/03/2023 09:44:22. Total views 446. Views today — 2.

In the russian city of Kursk, a court recognized Ukrainian businessmen Rinat Akhmetov and Borys Kolesnikov as extremists and nationalized the shares of the local confectionery company Konti-Rus. This was reported by the press service of the judicial system of the Kursk oblast.

According to the agency, the nationalization also included 100% stakes in the charter capitals of three other companies: the confectionery center Merletto, Merletto Capital, and Kendimaks.

Additionally, as per the court's decision, Borys Kolesnikov, Rinat Akhmetov, former MPs Serhiy Kiy, Yurii Chertkov, and some other individuals were banned from operating on russian territory.

It is claimed that the russian Prosecutor's Office found evidence of the company financing the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The purpose of the lawsuit is not only to ban the extremist association on Russian territory but also to effectively halt its activities by eliminating the sources through which the material base of the members of the illegal group is formed", - the court decision stated.

It was previously reported that the russian Prosecutor General's Office has been asked to investigate Konti-Rus regarding Kolesnikov's alleged financing of the Ukrainian army.