Occupiers solved the "public transport issue" in Horlivka by sending there surviving Ukrainian trams from Mariupol (VIDEO) 11/02/2023 17:03:00. Total views 395. Views today — 0.

As reported by the Mariupol City Council in their Telegram channel on November 2, the russians dispatched surviving Ukrainian trams from Mariupol to Horlivka, which was occupied in 2014. The announcement was made with reference to Horlivka's local social media accounts.

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"Horlivka's social media accounts report that they received two trams with the assistance of the so-called 'Ministry of Transport of the DNR'. They even released a whole video showing that", - the city council wrote.

"It's planned to deliver another five trams soon. Taking into account the transport situation in the city, support was decided to be extended to the municipal transport enterprise", - the occupant's statement is quoted in the message.

It is noted that in Mariupol itself there is a public transportation issue, with people complaining about acute shortages.

Earlier, the leader of the "DNR" announced that they would not be restoring Azovstal plant, which was the cause of the "dirt and dust" in Mariupol.