Owner of "underground with treasures" Romanchuk is free now: the court was unable to choose a preventive measure 06/07/2016 16:11:31. Total views 1336. Views today — 0.

The court was unable to choose a preventive measure to the first deputy head of Mykolayiv Regional State Administration Nikolay Romanchuk, - reportsNews N website.

It means that Nikolay Romanchuk is a free man now.

As the website notes, suspect Nikolay Romanchuk was taken by "ambulance" from the hall of the Primorsky District Court in Odessa. According to doctors, Romanchuk needs immediate hospitalization and treatment in the hospital as he has a very high blood pressure.

The judge decided to suspend the court trial for an indefinite period till the defendant recovers.

"Military Prosecutor's Office representatives were extremely dissatisfied with the decision. They said that the suspect and his defense dragged their feet on considering the request to choose measures of restraint in that way. Formally Romanchuk is a free man man: a preventive measure hasn’t been chosen and his period of detention in accordance with Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine ended at 22.30," - said the statement.

"While you were sleeping, known to the whole country owner of the underground with treasures - Nikolay Romanchuk became free ... Judge Yuriy Kushnirenko allowed to call an ambulance for him which took him to the hospital. Three days to charging and announcing restraint to Romanchuk ended there. He is formally a free man now if he is, of course, still in the hospital))," - confirms this information journalist Dmitry Gnap on his Facebook page.

He notes that judge Yuriy Kushnirenko’s "modest annual income of 200 thousand UAH" allowed him to have "4 apartments, 2 Lexus jeeps, a house in the country."

"Kushnirenko is famous for many scandalous decisions as a judge. In particular, he closed the case against Odessa majeure Felix Petrosian who smashed 11 cars and killed a man in his car," - says Gnap.

First deputy head of Mykolayiv Regional State Administration, Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk and three other officers were detained on June 3rd for taking a bribe in the amount of 90 thousand dollars. A network of tunnels with treasures was found later under his house.