The staff of the "Office of the Head of the DNR" is set to nearly double 09/29/2023 17:27:40. Total views 275. Views today — 0.

The so-called "Office of the Head of the DNR" is about to increase its size by almost two-fold. This was reported by propaganda media outlets in the "DNR" on September 29th.

"According to an informed source, the expansion plans involve increasing the staff from 300 to 650 individuals", - collaborators write. According to their version, "this is related to the intention to exercise thorough control over practically all areas". The message also mentions that the administration will include an anti-corruption committee and many other new structures previously unseen in the "DNR".

As previously reported, the fake "People's Council of the DNR" plans to introduce special sessions in schools of the region featuring participants from the "special military operation".