Another trial of the Azov soldiers has begun in russian Rostov-on-Don (VIDEO) 09/27/2023 15:29:42. Total views 292. Views today — 0.

In Rostov-on-Don, russia, another trial of 24 servicemembers from the Azov battalion has commenced. This was reported by the Donbas: Vazhno Telegram channel, citing russian media, on September 27.

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According to reports, the "defendants" are being questioned in the Rostov court today.

There are 13 men and 9 women in the dock. Two more individuals, Davyd "Khimik" Kasatkin and Dmytro "Odesyt" Labinsky, are being "tried" in absentia.

The Azov members are charged with "violent seizure of power" and "participation in a terrorist organization", for which they face potential lifelong imprisonment.

As reported, on July 25, in Rostov (russia), the largest trial began in the case of Ukrainian prisoners from the Aidar battalion.