AFU eliminated over five hundred russian occupiers and a significant amount of enemy military vehicles in the past day 09/19/2023 10:24:28. Total views 394. Views today — 1.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have eliminated 520 russian occupiers and destroyed around 50 enemy military vehicles, both automotive and armored, in the past day. This information is reported in the morning briefing from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on September 19.

According to available information, in the course of a single day, the following enemy assets were destroyed: 5 tanks, 17 armored combat vehicles, 35 artillery systems, 2 multiple rocket launchers, 1 air defense system, 17 cruise missiles, and 15 operational-tactical drones. Additionally, the e=russians lost 30 units of automotive equipment and tankers, as well as two units of special vehicles.

Since the start of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February of last year, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have eliminated 273,460 russian military personnel.

As previously reported, the Defense Forces destroyed an enemy drone control point in southern Ukraine.