The "DPR" forced migrants are warned: either they return and pay or their housing accommodation may be confiscated 12/14/2015 14:28:43. Total views 1272. Views today — 3.

The so-called "mayor" of Donetsk Igor Martynov warned residents who left about the possibility of confiscation of their housing accommodation as compensation for unpaid utility bills. He stated this in his interview to the Vecherniy Donetsk newspaper.

"I think that when these people (forced migrants – OstroV) get to know that their housing accommodation may be confiscated as compensation for the debt, they will quickly come back and pay the debt", - said Martynov.

"The mayor of Donetsk" also confirmed that employees of public utilities service providers force local residents to pay the debt, else they threat to confiscate their housing accommodation.

"We have figure it out ... Thus, the public utilities providers tried to force malicious defaulters to pay the debts. However, the chosen method is wrong, we warned them about its inappropriateness" – commented he on announcements sent to residents of the Kalinin district of Donetsk that threatened to confiscate apartments for the utility bill debts.

Martynov’s interview is entitled "Losing the real property for failure to pay is real".

As previously reported, at the beginning of November the fake "Ministry of Justice of the DPR" warned residents of compulsory "state" registration of legal entities and individuals on real estate, which is located on the territory occupied by the militants.