Additional FSB forces have arrived in Donetsk to ensure the conduct of "elections" 09/08/2023 13:03:31. Total views 109. Views today — 1.

Occupation forces from russia are coercing the local Ukrainian population in temporarily occupied territories to participate in fake russian elections. For this purpose, additional FSB units and propagandists have arrived in Donetsk. This was reported by the spokesperson for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andriy Kovaliov, during a national Ukrainian TV news marathon on September 8.

"Additional FSB units from russia have arrived in the occupied Donetsk to control the fake elections in the temporarily occupied territories. These so-called elections are scheduled to take place in russia on September 10th. Also, groups of russian propagandists have arrived from russia and Belarus to film the supposedly positive progress of these elections", - Kovaliov said.

According to him, the local Ukrainian population in the temporarily occupied territories has shown no interest in these fake elections. Members of the so-called electoral commissions, accompanied by armed russian police and units of russian occupation forces, are conducting door-to-door canvassing.

"The occupiers brazenly enter every house, stop Ukrainian civilians on the streets, markets, stores, and other public places, forcing them to sign ballots. For example, there have been documented cases where people were forced, by force, to vote not only for themselves but also for their relatives and neighbors", - the spokesperson noted.

It was previously reported that during the "early voting" in the "DNR", a 45% voter turnout was already fabricated. Two more days of "mobile voting" are ahead.