NATO responded to Romania's report regarding russian drone wreckage discovery 09/07/2023 12:54:46. Total views 456. Views today — 1.

Romania informed the North Atlantic Alliance about fragments resembling a russian military drone found within its borders. NATO expressed support for Romania and stated it was closely following the situation. This was reported by Espreso with reference to NATO's official spokesperson, Dylan White.

"The Romanian authorities have confirmed that debris, possibly from a drone, has been found on Romanian soil, close to the border with Ukraine. The Romanian authorities are investigating this incident and have communicated it to the NATO Council", - White noted, emphasizing that NATO member countries have shown solidarity with Romania.

The NATO representative also highlighted the Alliance's increased presence in the Black Sea region in response to russia's actions in Ukraine.

"We continue to monitor the situation closely, and we remain in close contact with our ally Romania", - stated a NATO spokesperson.

It is worth recalling that Romania has, for the first time, acknowledged that parts of russian Shahed suicide drones fell on its territory.