Pavel Dremov, a warlord of the “LPR”, died in the car explosion 12/12/2015 16:36:06. Total views 1624. Views today — 0.

The commander of the so-called "separate motorized infantry of the Cossack regiment" of the "people's militiaof the LPR" Pavel Dremov - reported the separatist Luhansk news agency website.

"At the moment, the operational group of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Interior Affairs went to the accident site. According to preliminary data, the driver survived but Dremov died" - said the statement.

According to the separatist websites, Dremov was killed in the car explosion near Pervomaisk. Presumably, Dremov was going to Stakhanov where in the Gorky Palace of Culture he should have married a citizen of the Russian Federation from St. Petersburg (according to some sources, she had previously worked as a journalist in Donbass).