Poroshenko Fund bought shares of a Cyprus company and withdrew 4 million Euro from Ukraine – investigation 05/19/2016 21:31:28. Total views 1027. Views today — 1.

Prime Capital Asset Fund belonging to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Foundation purchased shares of Cyprus CEE Confectionery Investments Ltd. company (the ultimate beneficiary of which is also the head of state) on March 25th, 2016 almost for 4 million euros. Journalist Dmitriy Gnap wrote about that on Facebook.

"When more than a month ago Petro Poroshenko had to comment on offshore scandal of the firms we found, he said:" The company has no open accounts and, accordingly, has not a penny, no financial transfers." We heard a lot of criticism. "What a sensation! The President has not transferred money to offshore." Well, OK, let's look at that document that was found in the Cyprus Register by my vigilant colleagues Anna Babinets and Vlad Lavrov. If you do not know Greek, we made English apostilled translation," – wrote the journalist.

According to him, the official form of equity says that a week before the release of the first investigation, on March 25th, Ukrainian Prime Asset Capital Fund (owner is Petro Poroshenko) transferred 3,926,000 euros for shares of Cyprus CEE Confectionery Investments Ltd. company (final beneficiary is Poroshenko).

"Cash" is written in the column "type of payment". That is, Poroshenko’s Ukrainian company bought for almost € 4 million 18 thousand shares of his own Cypriot company, at that time the latter belonged to his Virginia company, the owner of which was Poroshenko (the circle is closed)," - said Gnap.

"But the most interesting thing is that three weeks earlier, on March 3rd, 2016, head of the National Bank, Ms. Gontareva signed a decree, according to which this type of operations on withdrawal of currency abroad was banned. Either in cash or though bank transfer. "In order to stabilize the situation on the currency market." "It is, of course, very similar to the President’s pathetic proclamation of de-offshorization to stop the withdrawal of funds from the Ukraine," - adds Gnap.