On May 10, Prigozhin plans to withdraw Wagner PMC from Bakhmut to "lick their wounds" 05/05/2023 12:36:04. Total views 531. Views today — 0.

The head of Wagner PMC, Evgeny Prigozhin, stated that he will withdraw his units from Bakhmut on May 10. This was reported by Prigozhin's press service.

"I officially address the Chief of the General Staff, the Minister of Defense, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the people of Russia. On behalf of the Wagner PMC fighters and the Wagner PMC command, I declare that on May 10 we are forced to hand over our positions in the town of Bakhmut to the units of the Ministry of Defense and withdraw the remnants of the Wagner PMC to rear camps to lick our wounds. I am withdrawing Wagner PMC units because they are doomed to senseless death without ammunition", - the statement reads.

He also noted that due to the lack of ammunition, losses among the Wagner PMC are growing exponentially every day. He blamed the leadership of the russian Ministry of Defense for the absence of ammunition.

As previously reported, the head of the Wagner PMC Prigozhin recorded a video in which he showed rows of corpses of Wagner PMC mercenaries who died in a single day and complained of a lack of ammunition.